Presidential Inauguration Honoring President Barack Obama

Did you know that President Barack Obama has chosen “Renewing America’s Promise" as his official 2009 inauguration theme? If you love it like I do, can I get a what-what for the official events that promise to launch getting the dirt off America's shoulders? If you're planning to take part in the inaugural festivities for our nation's restoration, here's a round-up of Barack Obama presidential inaugural news you might find interesting.

~ Want to attend the presidential inauguration, but have no clue where you can get a hotel at this late date? Well, Crash the Inauguration says it can deliver accommodations in Washington, D.C. and many other last-minute logistics you need such as car rental.

~ Search engines not turning up inauguration tickets to the various inaugural events? Get Tickets offers you access to a long list of event tickets including the Inaugural Parade, Swearing in Ceremony, and Inaugural Ball. In fact, if you want to see a good list of most of the key events scheduled, just go to Get Tickets for an overview.

~ Curious about who to thank for sponsoring many of the inaugural events you may be privvy to attend in Washington? The Wall Street Journal says many Wall Street bail-out executives and employees banned together as the largest Obama inaugural contributors. They've provided about $25 million of the nearly $28 million that Obama's organization has raised for the festivities. We, the common taxpayers, are only funding $10 million of what's estimated will be a $50 million inauguration for President-elect Obama.

~ What about concerts? Jay-Z, President of the Hip-hop Nation, has a don't-miss mega concert set for the Warner Theater on Jan. 19th -- live band and all! Can't you just imagine super-cool President Obama and the entire crowd going wild when Jay-Z performs Dirt Off Your Shoulders? Little did Jay-Z and producer Timbaland know back in 2006 that the hip-hop beat they collaborated on would have a role in inspiring the nation's first African American president to stay focused and get the job done. Yep!

~ Dionne Warwick is throwing an inauguration party at the Marriott Wardman featuring George Clinton and Chaka Khan. Sting, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Rihanna and Bruce Springsteen also are said to have music performances in the works celebrating President Barack Obama. Numerous smaller concerts at some of D.C.'s great jazz, blues, reggae, hip-hop and other clubs are listed here.

~ Just need to see just all the options and activities in one place? Check out Inauguration Central at the Washington Post. Here's an exhaustive number of links to every angle of Obama's big day you may be interested in.

~ And if you're in D.C. the day prior to the inauguration, join The Root in honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. The Root is organizing a clean up of Marvin Gaye Park, asking students and adults with the holiday off to give some sorely-needed love to this overgrown space. Obama and Joe Biden are planning to attend many of the local MLK Day community events the day prior to Inauguration Day. Don't know if this is one of them, but it sounds like it should be. Let the uprooting begin!

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